A Momentary Standard / by Jeffrey Kinsey

Like the sheen of soap bubbles are half and half blends

of lightwaves combining without and within,

our split personalities dually depend

on the contrast of inside and out.


Like topical views of an ocean that’s blue

turn ten shades of gray once the sky is removed,

such is the vantage point reflecting you

without some kind of beautiful reference.


Inside rudimentary, physical math

all lonely particles long to attach

in a romantic context, combining to mass,

like our love longs to be met with love.


Like nitrogen filters the hue of the sky,

blue, purple, pink perfectly coincide  

with the cyclical sunrise and dusky decline.

Such are shifts in our concepts of heaven.


All self-perception’s a papier-mâché    

laid layer by layer in spectral array,

till balance of darkness and light obtained

by the standards of one single moment.