Self to Self / by Jeffrey Kinsey

Mood ring, color captioned, tele-tubby-esque projection screen

flashes random pink and static pixels floating up and down.

A transitory state, scrolling through potentials to display

emotional arrays exchanged from inward onto out.


Sometimes just a single color, oily sheen or pollak painting.

Sometimes solid images. Some literal, some not.

Sometimes metaphorical. Some change and move in animation.

Often just a stationary, blank and tiny dot.


Fiberoptic elements are woven in and out the skin

of solar plexuses connecting thoughts to smaller veins.

The curse of the continual expression of the things within,

an open book exposing every precious, private page.


Attempt to rearrange the folded layers of complex emotion,

rendering an outward image irreflective of

the picture held inside. Try to hide it, sharing none with no one,

keeping self to self, and everything else, what it was.