All That I Pretend / by Jeffrey Kinsey

Sometimes when I’m alone I like so sit and just pretend

I’m floating on a wave inside a sea that never ends.


An ocean made of memories and dreams and space and time,

that’s colored like a rainbow of kaleidoscopic shine.


I pretend that I’m a part of everything that ever was,

of history, and yet to be, of moons and distant suns.


I pretend that everyone who’s ever lived and everything

are lyrics of a simple song the ocean breezes sing.


I pretend that planet Earth and every other world and star

are sparkles on the top of waves that break and drift apart,


to shine atop their surface and reflect into a sky

that’s cradled in a kind of love which we cannot describe.


I pretend to talk to god, and every answer that I seek

is found inside the perfect feeling that I am complete…


…just a wave that’s floating in a sea without an end,

where everything is me and I am all that I pretend.