Pearl by: Jeffrey Kinsey / by Jeffrey Kinsey

An unspoken word polished slow to a rainbow,

the small opalescence of one immense thought,

a sharp sound inside of soft lips that won’t open,

smoothed into something so perfectly lost.


Confessions of love, names for god and small secrets-

these pearls we compress under oceans of doubt.

Why speak up when tides rush in just to recede again?

What if it all leaves us once we make a sound? 


A lifetime of dreams on the tip of your tongue,

a scream that weighs so much it crushes itself…

the feeling folds in, folds again and then hums

a song made of all of the things we wont tell.


These little gifts we keep inside the shell of our own gravity…

breath is held and lips are sealed and so the silence goes…

our colors, words and secrets shrink into a tiny masterpiece…

a perfect pearl that's hid beneath a heart that no one knows.