My projects are entirely self-funded. I insist on every creative decisionfrom words, to characters and story, to cover art, packaging and release schedulebeing left to myself and the intimate group of contributing artists I invite to take part in these decisions with me. There is no outside money in this, no invisible help. I succeed, or fail, according to the quality, depth and commitment of my own efforts. This work is my life, and I put everything I’ve got into it.

If this philosophy of independent integrity is one that speaks to you, if you find that the art I create offers beauty and value to your days, and if you are compelled to invest in the continued pursuit of the imaginative exhibition of prose and visual art to the world, I hope you will take a moment to contribute.

I refuse to sell creative control to strangers, and for this, I need the help of friends. Thank you in advance for your support. The intent behind it will be honored, and the work will be proof.

Please Donate here to the Creation of Future Art